Hallow Manor is an intimate event and twisted hunt. Words that describe the theme of this event are eerie, macabre, dark, scary, Gothic, Victorian, disturbing, morbid, grotesque, mortifying, fearsome, shocking, dreadful. appalling, horrifying, haunted, and possessed and items in the event should follow this theme.

Open to all creators interested in making twisted items for the Halloween season.

When: October 15th – November 1st 2021

Interested: Click HERE for the application

Get your scare on !


If you’ve not had the opportunity to visit Vintage Fair yet then you have until 21st June 12noon slt to hurry and take a look at all the gorgeous creations waiting for you!

Vintage Fair is proudly brought to you by Marashino and Pale Girl Productions

You’ll find the shopping guide HERE

  • Landmark to North sim HERE
  • Landmark to South sim HERE

We’d also like to thank our sponsors:

  • BeSpoke Caravan:
  • E U P H O R I C:
  • MVD
  • [Orsini] Jewelry
  • .: Short Leash :.
  • Simply Shelby Designs


Maraschino and Pale Girl Productions proudly invite you to VINTAGE FAIR 2021

We’re now OPEN (woot!) and close at 12noon on the 21st June so you have plenty of time to visit (and revisit) this fabulous event.

You’ll find the shopping guide HERE

  • Landmark to North sim HERE
  • Landmark to South sim HERE

We’d also like to thank our sponsors:

  • BeSpoke Caravan:
  • E U P H O R I C:
  • MVD:
  • [Orsini] Jewelry
  • .: Short Leash :.
  • Simply Shelby Designs


How excited are we? Today (Friday, 11th June) Vintage Fair, proudly brought you by Maraschino and Pale Girl Productions, opens at 12noon – we can’t wait to see you there.

For a sneak peak take a look at this wonderful promotional video created by KayzDayz with music provided Tropical Summer House by Alex-Productions – thank you both!

Want to see what is waiting for you then check out the shopping guide – this is updated daily so please keep clicking back to see what’s new!

Enjoy the video below:

Enjoy !


Vintage Fair 2021, proudly brought to you by Maraschino and Pale Girl Productions, will be open for early access from 9am on 10th June and ends on the 11th June 9am!

Early access is linked to our sponsors below so please join one of the groups inworld to get in before the crowds!

Vintage Fair opens on 11th June 12noon slt until closing 21st June 12noon

There will be an enforced 100,000 complexity limit throughout the first weekend.

  • pGp Update Group:
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  • Maraschino:
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  • [Orsini] Jewelry
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  • .: Short Leash :.
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Take a look at the Shopping Guide (which is updated daily) for a sneak peak at what is on offer ! https://palegirlproductions.com/shopping-guide-2021/

LM NORTH: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alegranza/239/17/33

LM SOUTH: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black%20Mamba/238/240/33