All Good Things Must End! Last Weekend For Hallow Manor!

This will be the last weekend for the Hallow Manor shopping and hunt event. If you have not had a chance to get around to shopping you need to move your butt and head that way! So many creepy and macabre items waiting just for you!

If you have not started or finished our hunt you do not want to miss out on all the amazing hunt prizes. Find the links below for our shopping guide, event location, and hunter information! As always happy shopping!

Event Location

Shopping Guide

Hunters Guide

Last Weekend For Vintage Fair 2020!!

Vintage Fair 2020 which is brought to you by DRD and Pale Girl Productions closes on the 22nd! If you have not had the chance to get there time to do so now before it is gone for another year!

Dont forget we have a cam sim as well if the event sim is packed! You can find maps and slurls below! As always happy shopping!!

Event Sim


Shopping Guide