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The Ark – Now Open!

The Ark, which is presented by Pale Girl Productions, is now open!
Click here to visit the event now!

We would like to thank the following sponsors:

Landing Point:


Click here to visit The Ark

The Ark – Early Access!

Early Access has started for The Ark! If you belong to the following groups, you are able to visit the event before it officially opens! Early access continues until September 13th at 9am slt. The event officially opens September 13th at Noon slt.

Groups eligible for early access:

Jinx (DD) Offers and Support
..:: TAOX SHOP ::..
lychee. // blogging group
lychee. // update group
pGp Update Group

The Ark 2019 Map

The Ark – Designer Applications are OPEN!

Pale Girl Productions is pleased to announce an event that has been in the works for over a year: The Ark, which is an event for everything animal related! Designer applications are now open!

Event Dates: September 13th-22nd 2019
Applications are open to all designers!

1 new and exclusive item
* must either be inspired by or directly related to anything from the animal kingdom (fantasy or reality).

If you are interested, click here to fill out the application.