Official Blogger Application

This is an application to become an official blogger for Pale Girl Productions, a production company that specializes in sim wide events, most notably: Skin Fair.

As a PGP blogger you will have early access to all events that PGP produces and review copies from participating designers.

Blogger Requirements

* Must be actively blogging for 6 months
* Must have an active blog
* Must take high quality photos
* Must credit all items shown, including poses
* Must actively promote your blog (ie: via inworld groups, flickr, facebook, plurk, etc)
* Must include slurls for events

Basic Event Requirements**

* Must link back to the official blog either via blog roll or logo link
* One blog post must be dedicated to the event, giving all information, including slurls and maps (if available)
* 3 blog posts featuring items from the event per week the event runs.  (2 week events will require 6 total posts, 3 week events require 9, etc.)  If we have an event with an odd-length timeline, we will set a standard number of posts that must be met.
* Event logo must be included along with an embedded SLURL in all blog posts that feature items from the current event.
* All blog posts must be posted within the first week and a half (10 days) of current event.
* All blog photos must be added to the PGP flickr group
* All event blog posts must be reported to a provided form by the end of the event (more info will follow once accepted)

**Requirements might be different for some events

All other inquiries regarding this application process can be directed to Beuanna Resident, Pale Girl Productions Blogger Coordinator.