Event Sponsor Information


Cost: Prices vary depending on the event. Contact Kira Paderborn for more information.

**This does not include a booth/store in the event**

Open to any established business (store, service, blog, etc) within SL.

  1. Your logo/billboard will be placed at a prominent place at the sim landing point where it will be seen by everyone entering.
    You will be allowed to place a script in your logo/billboard that will either do ONE of these choices: join a specific group, give an LM, link to blog, or marketplace, whichever you prefer.
  2. Your logo will be placed on all promotional material for the event.
  3. Your name will be listed as a sponsor in all press releases.
  4. Your personal business group will be invited to a 24 hour early access. (A great way to promote your group and gain some extra members!)

Sponsorship is on a first come, first served basis.
If you are ONLY interested in a sponsorship, but not interested in being a regular participant, please contact Kira Paderborn directly.
If you want to participate in the event as a vendor and also have interest in being a sponsor, please fill out the designer application as normal.