Event Partner Information

Event Partner: (1 available)

Prices vary for the event partner depending on the event. Contact Kira Paderborn for more information on pricing.
We reserve the event partner position for those who are looking for a high visibility sponsorship.
The event partner is open to any established business (store, service, blog etc) within SL.

  1. Brand name and website URL shown on the region title.
  2. Your brand logo and SLURL link will be prominently featured on the Pale Girl Productions website at least 2 weeks prior to the event opening and will remain until the official event completion.
  3. Logo and/or landmark and/or website URL prominently featured on all promotional materials.
  4. One special kiosk (per sim), centrally located, for you to promote/sell a sampling of your wares. (25 prim limit) OR 1 landing point store of your choice in size (1 total regardless of sim count).
  5. Your personal business group invited to a 24 hour early access.