⭐The Trunk Show | Dec.19th to Jan. 18th | ⭐

“So it’s Christmas, and what did you do?
The year ends, and starts again
So it’s Christmas, the Christian holiday
Old and new, love as a whole
So merry Christmas and a new year too
May it be happy who knows what is good…”

Snapshot_002 copy_001Entice “Santa Baby Sweater – Ugly Green” ➡ available at The Trunk Show
Entice “Snow Day Socks” ➡ available at The Trunk Show
→мσяє αbσυт iтєм нєяє →| Santa Baby Sweater |&| Snow Day Socks |
Zibska~ “Clementine Set & Clementine Eyemakeup/Lips “➡ available at The Trunk Show
→мσяє αbσυт iтєм нєяє →| Clementine Set | – | Clementine Eyemakeup | & | Clementine Lips |
Oinc – “Reindeer Marshmallow Pops Hot Chocolate” ➡ available at Oinc Store.
➯мσяє αbσυт iтєм нєяє: → | Oinc Flickr |➯Pink Charcoal by Sinful Sky “Xmas Band” ➡ Exclusive for Salon 52
➯мσяє αbσυт iтєм нєяє: → | Pink Charcoal Flickr |
👉Pale Girl Productions showing The Trunk Show – December Shopping Guide 

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