“I’m the fox you’ve been waiting for”


“Every girl an’ boy
Needs a little joy
All you do is sit an’ stare
Beggin’ on my knees
Baby, won’t you please
Run your fingers through my hair…”
Do you wanna touch me by Joan Jett


Get The Look:
Laq – Ivy Head @ Skin Fair (Ends 03/24/19) Skin Fair Partner
Laq – Ines Skin Applier Tone 1.5 @ Skin Fair (Ends 03/24/19) Skin Fair Partner
Buzzeri – Gleam Eyes @ MainStore
Warpaint – Layla Brows @ MainStore (Skin Fair Participant)
Escalated – Candyland Hair @ MainStore (Group Gift)
Veechi – Cutie Star @ MainStore (Skin Fair Participant)
Veechi – Cyber Romy Shadow @ MainStore (Skin Fair Participant)
DP – Koffin Nails Black on Black @ MainStore
Ivory&Rose – Sinful Tattoo @ MainStore (Skin Fair Participant)
Ivory&Rose – Gypsy Wanderer Tattoo @ MainStore (Skin Fair Participant)
Complex – Tech Bomber @ MainStore
Justice – Ashlie “The Pudge” Shorts @ MainStore
Yummy – Dark Magic Rings @ MainStore
Yummy – Unicorn Cameo @ MainStore
Yummy Bohemia Rings @ MainStore
Swallow – Princess Rings @ MainStore
Deadwool – Nuvolari Chrono Watch (Gacha) @ MainStore
Mila – Basic Poses Standing 4 @ MainStore (Skin Fair Participant)
Kalopsia – Dreamers Neon @ MainStore
Varonis – Neve Skybox @ MainStore
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