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Be the Sun! Be a sunflower

Wedding, New Year’s Eve party. It all matches this beautiful dress from the wonderful The Trunk Show Event organized by Pale Girl Productions (An SL™ event production company) team that happened last month. Now you can find it at the  #LANA  store!

ok_002➯ #LANA // The Blanca Dress – Maitreya – Available @ Store { The Trunk Show Event}
➯ {-Maru Kado- Flickr} Sunflower
➯ *PerveTte* Delicate Choker – Available @ Store
➯ *AvaWay* RITA Pearl Necklace – Available @ Store
➯ *ARGRACE* ICHIKA – Available @ Store


Pale Girl Productions Presents Curves!

Pale Girl Productions is looking for Designers for a new event: Curves, a monthly event for alternative body sizes.

Open to all designers interested in creating items (clothing, furniture, poses, shapes, accessories, etc) designed for the curvier avatar. Designers MUST create items with at LEAST one of these bodies in mind: (females) Slink Hourglass, Belleza Freya, Sking, Ebody Curvy, Tonic Curvy Beauty, 9S; (men) open to all body types, however, again must be designed and marketed with a larger avi in mind. Other sizes are allowed and welcomed, but the event is focusing on the curvier side of life.

When: The 3rd – 24th of every month starting in March 2019

A new and exclusive item relating to the event theme*. (no gachas allowed)

*example of a non-clothing related store: Pose maker – poses are created with a larger avi in mind, and ads reflecting this

2500L for a reg booth – 50 prims
5000L for a booth near landing point – 100 prims
You will be contacted if you have been accepted.

Stores that use templates are welcome to apply, but items must be modified enough to become original. We reserve the right to deem what we consider original in how it applies to template use. This is an event that prides itself on high quality work, and if we feel that someone doesn’t meet that standard they will not be accepted or if already in the event, run the very strong possibility of removal.

No copyright infringement material that violates the TOS is allowed. If found, you will be immediately removed from the event.

Click here to apply

Skin Fair – Designer Applications

Today is the last day for Designers to apply for Skin Fair 2019!

Skin Fair 2019
March 8 – March 24, 2019
Skin Designers, Mesh Body Part Creators, Makeup Designers, Tattoo Makers, and Shape Creators.
Designers are required to create 3** new and exclusive* items for the event. (Eyes and nails are allowed in the event, but must not be your ONLY product OR your exclusives for the event UNLESS they are your original rigged mesh creation.)*EXCLUSIVE ITEM – an item that is not for sale anywhere else during the time of the event and has never been sold by you or given away by you previously. It must be new.

**EXCLUSION – Mesh Body Part Creators – must introduce one (1) new and exclusive mesh item (ie. a new mesh head, hands, body etc)
1) You must make your own product or visibly alter templates to make them your own. (We reserve the right to reject your application if we notice that your products look exactly like or very similar to known templates.) Shape makers are REQUIRED to offer demos of their shapes at the event.

2) This event is a skin fair and as such, all items in your store must be skin related. Makeups, tattoos, and eyes are allowed, as well as attachables such as mesh feet, hands, heads, bodies (etc); appliers for Lelutka, Catwa, etc. If you have a question about whether or not something is allowed, please ask an event coordinator. Decorating the inside of your store is allowed but any prims used to decorate your store will count toward your prim limit.

3) Up to 2 gachas ARE allowed. HOWEVER these are NOT counted towards your new and exclusive items.

4) Everyone must be set up by Monday, March 4th, at 9 AM SLT in order to give media time to get working on all of the new releases. If you are not set up by this time, you WILL be removed from the event.
4b) A set up extension MAY be purchased should you be running late. This must be purchased PRIOR to the final deadline and will give designers an extra 48 hours (March 6th 9 AM SLT) Cost: 3,000L

* Media will have access to the event from March 4th(noon slt)-6th(9 PM slt).

5) On March 7th (9 AM SLT), early access will be granted to the Pale Girl Productions update group, as well as the Sponsors’ business groups.

6) Designers must stick to their prim limit. If you go over, we will decide what needs to be returned. Please keep a strict count on your prims. (You will be able to purchase additional prims if desired at the time of set up)

7) Only members who are in good standing will be allowed to place items on the sim(s). A non-refundable* fee will be charged to each person for their store and is payable upon approval of the application. Acceptance and invites to the event will be sent out no later than December 7, 2018. All fees are due by December 23, 2018, at the latest. If you have not paid your store fee by this date, you will not be permitted to participate in the event and your store will be given to the next person on the waiting list.

*Refunds may be given in extreme circumstances and are up to the discretion of the event organizers. HOWEVER no refunds will be given after February 1st for any reason.

***Do NOT send any booth fees until you have been accepted, upon which instructions will be given on how to pay fees.

8) You will need space for 2 groups. Only members of these groups will be permitted on the sim(s) during set up times. One of these groups will be the update group, through which you will have the opportunity to send demos. Only people on the application will be added to the groups, PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO BE ADDED AT A LATER TIME AS THIS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

9) All prims must be located on the inside of your store. We will place your logo on the outside. Large billboards will be available for sale at the time of set up.

10) Limited script usage is ALLOWED. The only scripts allowed for this event are: NETWORKED VENDORS, SIMPLE SPLIT SCRIPT AND GACHA SCRIPT. Please do not place scripted subscribos, group joiners, note givers, redelivery terminals, or landmark givers in your store. These will be returned. It is possible for you to give notecards and landmarks by placing the items in a box and setting the box for sale for 0L. No hover-texts will be tolerated.

11) To help cut down on lag, we ask that all items placed in your store be set to phantom if possible.

12) Because we want the sim(s) to be open to everyone on SL, it will be PG. This means all vendors must have private parts covered and there should be no photos of anything obviously sexual in nature.

13) Pale Girl Productions has official bloggers for the event. We ask but do not require that you send your new releases for the event out to the official bloggers either through group notices OR personally.

14) No copyright infringement material is allowed. If found in violation of this, your items will be immediately returned to you, with the strong possibility of also being removed completely from the event.


Prices for stores are as follows:

Small Store – 75 prims – 3,500L

Medium Store – 125 prims – 6,000L

Large Store – 250 prims – 8,000L
Landing Point Locations:

Small Store (near the landing point) – 75 prims – 17,000K

Medium Store ( near the landing point) – 125 prims – 20,000L

Large Store (near the landing point) – 250 prims – 25,000L

Stores are filled on a first come first served basis. The remainder of the stores available for the event will be scattered throughout the rest of the sim. We believe the sim design will allow for every booth to be seen very well. There are no “bad” spaces. If we have too many applicants, you will be placed on a waiting list in the order you signed up. We will try to accommodate you as much as possible but with the number of creators that SL has, it will be difficult to make everyone happy. We do realize this and we would like to apologize in advance if you do not get the exact placement that you hoped for.

(8 available)

Open to any established business (store, service, blog etc) within SL

What you will receive as a sponsor of the event.

1) Your logo/billboard is placed at the landing point where it will receive traffic from everyone tping into that sim. You will be allowed to place a script in your logo/billboard that will either do ONE of these things: join a specific group, give an LM, link to blog or MP….your choice.

2) Your logo placed on all promotional material for the event.

3) Your name listed as a sponsor in all press releases.

4) Your personal business group invited to a 24 hour early access. (This is a great way to promote your group and gain some extra members!)
Sponsorship is on a first come first served basis. If you are ONLY interested in a sponsorship but not interested in being a regular Skin Fair participant, please contact Kira Paderborn directly. If you want to participate in Skin Fair as a vendor and also have interest in being a sponsor, please fill out the application as normal.

(only 1 available)

For those who are looking for a high visibility sponsorship and open to any established business (store, service, blog etc) within SL.

1) Brand name and website URL shown on the region title.

2) Logo (with URL link) prominently displayed on The Pale Girl Productions website as an event partner from time of payment until April 1st.

3) Logo and/or landmark and/or website URL prominently featured on all promotional materials.

4) 1 special kiosk (per sim), centrally located, for you to promote/sell a sampling of your wares. (25 prim limit)

5) Your personal business group invited to a 24 hour early access.
Event Partners do NOT have to be skin designers.

If you are ONLY interested in the Event Partner but not interested in being a regular Skin Fair participant, please contact Kira Paderborn directly. If you want to participate in Skin Fair as a vendor and also have interest in being an event partner, please fill out the application as normal.

We will not accept applications from anyone who has a DMCA filed against them until it is resolved. If you have filed a DMCA against someone because you believe that they have stolen your copyrighted work, and you notify us, we can remove their items from the event The event organizers have the right to refuse any persons to enter our events, either into the venues or to participate. This includes the right to remove designers who have already been approved for the event if we feel it is necessary. Before we remove anyone from the event, we will try to resolve the issue. Where applicable, any fees that have been paid for the event will be refunded.
If you have any questions please contact either Kira Paderborn or Voshie Paine

Skin Fair 2019 Designer Application

The princess in the snow….

The beautiful princess went outside in the cold and talked with a wandering squirrel….She sure looked resplendent in her gorgeous gown and the tiara in her hair…from the last round of the Trunk Show…so stunning!!
Hair: F&M Oblivion * Margaryen Tyrell  (The Trunk Show)
Mesh Head: .LeLutka. Head.Simone 3.3
Shape:  L y r i u m Bia Shape _Maitreya
Applier: [Glam Affair]  Ophelia Applier [ Lelutka ] 002 – 27 ( VIP ) (Epiphany)
Applier – eyes: .euphoric ~Cora Eyes Applier ~[LeLutka] (Powder Pack SL Lelutka Nov)
Gown: Entice – Hey Pretty Girl (Jewel) – Maitreya  (The Trunk Show)
Pose and prop: Fashiowl – Squirrel 1 – Wear (animated)  (TLC – gacha)

Come And Get It

Come And Get It
Hair: Lamb – Fox – Variety
Pasties: Erratic – Crystal Pasties – Hearts
Pants: Valentina E – Lana Zip Leggings @ Bound Box
Shoes: Essenz – Leeds @ Bound Box
Bed: Violetility – Tantra Bed @ Bound Box
Lipstick Applier: LeForme – Seduce Lipsticks
Mesh Head Applier: Glam Affair – Simone II – 04
Mesh Head: LeLutka – Simone
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara
Come And Get It 2
Hair: Lamb – Stellar – Variety
Corset/Panties: Salt & Pepper – Anais @ Bound Box
Shoes: Essenz – Leeds @ Bound Box
Bed: Violetility – Tantra Bed @ Bound Box
Mesh Head Applier: Glam Affair – Simone II – 04
Mesh Head: LeLutka – Simone
Mesh Body: Maitreya – Lara

Secret wishes!

Moans, whispers and pain!
Come to live your secret desires.

post pale girl ok
BoundBox can help you with sensual things! This sensual things you can find at BoundBox (Final Box) organized by Pale Girl Productions (An SL™ event production company) team!
Luas Azahar Harness – Maitreya – Available @ BoundBox 
➯Shoes: Mosquito’s Way – Britney – Available @ BoundBox 
➯ Hair AD – Shhh – Available @ BoundBox 
.:Short Leash:. Sweet Sadism Cross *BB Edition* – Available @ BoundBox 
➯[CAROL G] Klaris Roses – Tattoo Applier – Available @ Cosmopolitan Event

“I only say that cause you’re not around…”


“Imma make you beg for it, plead for it til you feel like you breathe for it, til you do any and everything for it I want you to fiend for it, wake up and dream for it til it’s got you gasping for air and you leave for it” ~ Iggy Azalea

Get The Look:
Narcisse – Mila Laced Mini Dress @ BoundBox (Final Box) If purchased between November 13th, 2018 – May 9th, 2019 $3500L After which, the November box retires.
FD – Floral Bomber @ MainStore
Opale – Silvia Hair @ MainStore
NotFound – Sade Skin @ Dubai Event (Open 11/20/18)
Genus – BabyFace W001 @ MainStore
Suicidal Unborn – Hadria Eyes @ MainStore
Veechi – Ultimate Cheek Kit @ MainStore
Okkbye – Bunnie Lashes @ MainStore
Ivory & Rose – Sinful Tattoo @ MainStore
Ivory & Rose – Gypsy Wanderer @ MainStore
Yummy – Dark Magic Rings @ MainStore
Yummy – Unicorn Rings @ MainStore
Swallow – Princess Rings @ MainStore
Foxcity – Devlish Pose Set @ MainStore